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Jan 25 2016

14 Inbound Marketing Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind


We enjoy introducing the inbound marketing methodology to businesses because there has never been a marketing strategy quite like inbound marketing. We are a major proponent of inbound marketing because it not only has worked for our clients, but it has also worked for us. It’s unique because the strategy was created from the natural evolution that consumers are now in control of the buyers’ process.

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Apr 20 2015

5 Blog Strategies Every Business Should Use


Why Blog?

Businesses should be engaging in blogging.

According to Hubspot, businesses that blog get 55% more visitors to their website than those that do not. Some of the benefits of blogging include: 

  • More website visitors mean more opportunities for lead generation.
  • More leads mean more opportunities to convert those leads into customers.
  • More customers mean more business. 

How can businesses get the most out of their blog?

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Apr 06 2015

5 Reasons Businesses Should Be Blogging

The speed of information--driven by social media--creates a wonderful opportunity to convey your information in a way that connects your business with your clients, promotes your services, and creates online visibility. As a small business, blogs offer a fantastic avenue for sharing information. Here's five reasons why your business should be blogging as part of your social media strategy:


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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Business Blogging