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Jan 09 2017

5 Steps to Create an Inbound Marketing Plan for 2017

Inbound Marketing Plan.jpg

A few months ago we received a call from a business seeking a marketing firm to redesign its e-commerce website. The call was transferred to me, and within a couple of minutes, the gentleman on the other line said, “We are 80 percent sure we will be doing business with your firm.” Wow! I was a little taken aback by what the prospective customer said. I mean I didn’t even get a chance to give my killer elevator pitch or list the reasons why they should choose us. 

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Dec 13 2016

Use Long-Tail Keywords to Boost Your Website’s SEO


Keywords have long been an important element of SEO strategy and a way to drive traffic to your website. But as search engines – and consumers – have become more sophisticated, marketers have had to fine tune their keyword strategies.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: SEO

Dec 06 2016

7 Ways to Start Driving Traffic to Your Business Website

Driving_Traffic_to_website.jpgThere’s a good chance you’ve spent quite a bit of time, energy and money creating your business website. You’ve crafted the content, selected the right images and designed the site to be responsive on any platform from desktop to tablet to mobile phone.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing

Nov 23 2016

Is Link Building Still Relevant in a SEO Strategy?

Is Link Building Still Relevant in SEO Strategy.jpg

A decade ago, SEO was all about two things: keywords and links. Those in the website building and search engine optimization business were less concerned about quality content. Their strategy was to stuff as many keywords into the website and blog posts as possible – even if it didn’t improve the quality of the content (and, in fact, probably made it worse).

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: SEO

Nov 15 2016

How to Create Business Growth with Inbound Marketing

How to Create Business Growth with Inbound Marketing.jpg

It’s no secret the marketing industry has changed considerably over the last several years with the addition of digital strategies, social media and mobile technologies. Gone are the days that businesses blanket the world with their one-side ad messages. Today, it’s all about attracting customers who have a truly vested interest in what you have to say. Marketing has evolved into conversations, two-way communication and interaction.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing

Aug 24 2016

Website Design: The Inbound Marketing Approach


Marketers today realize the importance of inbound marketing to promote their business brand. A key component in the inbound marketing methodology is having a website that allows you to convert visitors into customers.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design, Inbound Marketing

Feb 02 2016

7 On Page SEO Tips for Your Business Blog


The importance of having a business blog is undeniable now. It is an important tool for engaging your customers and positioning your company as an expert in your industry. A business blog is the most effective and efficient way to drive quality traffic to your website and rank well with search engines.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing, Local SEO, SEO

Jan 25 2016

14 Inbound Marketing Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind


We enjoy introducing the inbound marketing methodology to businesses because there has never been a marketing strategy quite like inbound marketing. We are a major proponent of inbound marketing because it not only has worked for our clients, but it has also worked for us. It’s unique because the strategy was created from the natural evolution that consumers are now in control of the buyers’ process.

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Dec 07 2015

4 Important Trends of Inbound Marketing 2015


Hubspot recently published their annual report “The State of Inbound.” detailing how marketing professionals conduct business and what strategies produce the highest returns on investment from a reasonable operating budget. The report surveyed over 4000 marketers in 150 companies during the first half of 2015, drawing big conclusions for the future of marketing. As an inbound marketing agency these finding only confirm our belief that inbound is the most efficient and effective strategy to grow one's business. Here are some of the main trends we identified that could potentially improve your marketing efforts:

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing

Dec 01 2015

4 Important Reasons to Have a Good Website Design

Every business needs to have a web content strategy as well as a quality website to help them establish themselves within their respected industry. There are a number of reasons why companies in nearly every industry require an easy friendly website design and with a quality business website design done by a professional firm it's possible that a business can see more success when it comes to generating more engagement with their online their prospect customers, producing more sales with their e-commerce store and expanding their brand. Here are some of the top four reasons why every business needs to place an emphasis on their website design:

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design