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Oct 26 2015

4 Reasons to Choose Flat Website Design Packages


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First, what is flat website design? In order to understand why your business needs this, you have to understand what it is. Before I answer that question, allow me to give you a brief history. At the birth of the Internet for all of us regular folks, the world wide web was open for discovery. For many years, web designers sought to push the boundaries and kick the tires (so to speak), so we could see what this baby could do. So websites were full of flashy, dynamic graphics and we all said, "Oooh," and "Aaaah!" But then we all started getting headaches from all of the flashing and beeping and auto-play songs, and someone somewhere finally said, "Enough!" 

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Written by Leslie Paladino · Categorized: Website Design

Aug 24 2015

6 Common Misconceptions About Website Design

Common Misconceptions About Website Design

When it comes to a quality website design, there are many effective schools of thinking. However, quite often we end up innefective websites. If you are interested in getting the most out of your website design and avoiding some typical pitfalls, you should read about some of the common misconceptions of web design.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design

Aug 18 2015

6 Keys to a User Friendly Website Design


When it comes to designing a quality website that will generate lots of engagement, there are a few common traits many designers utilize. In this article we will break down six of the top considerations for a user-friendly website design.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design

Aug 04 2015

Five Important Elements of Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaign

Before you start any marketing campaign you should know your target audience. Knowing your target audience will boost the effectiveness of your campaing by allowing you to produce content that your ideal customer will love. The best way to understand your ideal customer is to create buyer personas.

After you understand your ideal customer, you can begin creating your social media campaign. Here are some important elements you will need to include:

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Written by Leslie Paladino · Categorized: Social Media

Aug 03 2015

Elements of Great Website Design



We all know that if you are in business you absolutely must have a website, but you can not simply have a website. You must have great website design. Your website represents your business and everything that defines your business. You may have a great reputation, and a great business model, but if someone is looking for your services and all they know about you is your website, what impression are you leaving with them?

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design

Jul 23 2015

The importance of local directories for marketing results


Do you remember the Yellow Pages? The guys in the van or pick-up truck would slowly drive through your neighborhood and leave that hefty yellow-paged book on your front stoop. Having one of these books was an essential to life, not too long ago. But we have now entered the age of smartphones, and no longer need the old thick, yellow directory to find local businesses that will meet our needs. There was a day in which local businesses made it a top priority—a cornerstone—to advertise and be listed in the Yellow Pages to be noticed and gain marketing results. 

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Written by Leslie Paladino · Categorized: Local SEO

Jul 16 2015

4 Essentials to Designing Marketing Packages for Human Beings



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Inbound marketing tools are all the rage these days, and for good reason. In simple terms, it is a more relational approach to promoting products and services...thankfully. Everyone everywhere has gotten pretty sick of the ol' "hard sell" line of thinking. And the whole marketing community is breathing a much-needed sigh of relief. A more personal approach is more fun for everyone--from marketing professionals to clients and customers. It is more humanity-centered, and, therefore, more effective part of marketing packages.

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Written by Leslie Paladino · Categorized: Inbound Marketing

Jul 06 2015

Charleston SEO- How to Rank For Local Search

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Any business that serves a local market should seriously consider optimizing for local search. Why? Because Google search algorithms match local consumers to local products.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Local SEO

Jun 29 2015

5 Reasons Every Business Should Use Buyer Personas


One challenge small business owners have is finding the time, personnel, and financial resources to launch an effective inbound marketing campaign. Creating a buyer persona is a basic yet powerful marketing tool.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing

Jun 22 2015

Graphics & Pictures in Social Media Marketing: Pro or Con



Wait a minute. Did we give that answer away too quickly? I apologize. Let me expound on that.

In the history of social media marketing, adding pictures and graphics to content posts has been a debated issue. Most of the time the debate centers around whether or not it is worth the business's time and effort to include these items. It has always been a question of ROI (return on investment). And until the last few years, the jury was still out on the issue of graphics and pictures in social media marketing. 

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Written by Leslie Paladino · Categorized: Inbound Marketing, Social Media