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Dec 07 2015

4 Important Trends of Inbound Marketing 2015


Hubspot recently published their annual report “The State of Inbound.” detailing how marketing professionals conduct business and what strategies produce the highest returns on investment from a reasonable operating budget. The report surveyed over 4000 marketers in 150 companies during the first half of 2015, drawing big conclusions for the future of marketing. As an inbound marketing agency these finding only confirm our belief that inbound is the most efficient and effective strategy to grow one's business. Here are some of the main trends we identified that could potentially improve your marketing efforts:

  1. Three out of four marketers prioritize an inbound approach to marketing:

    Most marketers have begun delivering quality content that draws the reader in, so they can produce a more positive user experience and a better return on investment. Producing high quality content, blog posts, video content, and email automation are taking precedence over traditional display advertising and other outbound marketing activities. So 75% of marketers in 2015 were spending most of their marketing time creating various campaigns, content, and activities that draw visitors to their brand. 
  1. Increasing leads and converting those leads are top priorities:

    Sixty percent of respondents say the top priorities among marketers are increasing leads and converting a large percentage of those leads into paying customers. The report concluded that business-to-business and nonprofits (with employees larger than 201) place a greater emphasis on lead generation, and business-to-customer and medium-sized businesses say conversions take precedence.

    However, small businesses (with fewer than 25 employees) indicate that both leads and conversions are equally important with 71% of respondents choosing these top answers. In the category of small business, lead conversions are more important than other activities such as increasing revenue from existing customers, proving ROI of marketing efforts, and reducing costs of lead generation. Most marketers are in the pursuit of growth and are less likely to reduce costs to reach their growth goals. 
  1. Businesses are now 3x as likely to see a higher return on investment as a result of inbound marketing over outbound marketing:

    The Power of Inbound Marketing. The investment in inbound strategies is now looking like a smarter one, but success in inbound marketing does take time. By producing monthly goals and creating a long-term view of success for an inbound campaign, it can easily start to produce 3x the returns as a traditional outbound marketing campaign because the credibility of outbound sales is now at an all-time low. Customers want to discover products for themselves and are willing to take the time to research and educate themselves before they make a purchase. This discovery process levels the playing field for a business competing with businesses with larger budgets that are not using inbound marketing. Inbound marketing strategies are becoming a far more effective and financially friendly option for marketers in 2015.

  2. More businesses are outsourcing content creation:

    When it comes to producing quality content for a marketing campaign, more businesses are now outsourcing their content generation. A large number of businesses now trust not only freelancers but also a variety of copywriters and marketers to produce their content and handle content creation from many different levels. Outsourcing content creation ensures a business can capture the attention of many demographics and saves them time and money. The unbelievable competition from marketing firms and content creation specialists has also helped businesses get access to the best prices on professional content creation as a result of outsourcing, too.

While the future of inbound looks very bright according to the 2015 emerging trends article, it’s important to note: With technology, trends are changing rapidly. It is important for marketers and business owners to continue following trends in data to maximize their advertising resources.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Inbound Marketing