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Dec 01 2015

4 Important Reasons to Have a Good Website Design

Every business needs to have a web content strategy as well as a quality website to help them establish themselves within their respected industry. There are a number of reasons why companies in nearly every industry require an easy friendly website design and with a quality business website design done by a professional firm it's possible that a business can see more success when it comes to generating more engagement with their online their prospect customers, producing more sales with their e-commerce store and expanding their brand. Here are some of the top four reasons why every business needs to place an emphasis on their website design:

  1. Businesses can gain credibility
    With a professionally designed website: If you have a relatively new business and want to make an immediate impact, a professional website design can help you to compete with other competitors in your market as well as gain a massive amount of credibility in your specific industry. Prospect costumers often look at your website and within a few seconds can make a judgment whether they want to do business with you based upon what they see in your website design. Without a professional website design you will never be taken seriously by your prospect customers. By using a number of website tools you can work to improve your page design, page rank and the content that you post on your website

  2. Mobile Website Design
    A recent study by Smart insights showed that 51% of internet searches are performed by a mobile device in the year 2015. This number is only going to increase. A business with a mobile responsive design will attracted more visitors than a competitor that does not have a mobile responsive website. Google has provided a mobile friendly tool so you can see if your website is mobile friendly.  For more information you may read “What you need to know about Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm”

  3. It helps to build your brand:
    Web advertising has only become more competitive and one of the biggest issues with businesses in this competitive market is brand building. By having a professional face for your brand you can communicate to your prospect clients that you serious about providing your products and services in a professional matter. Using a professional website designs you can instantly have a professional presence that will convert new visitors. According to com “A website is like an extension of your brand that never sleeps” and this could be an extremely powerful tool especially for a small business.

  4. A good website design will save you time and improve customer service
    Quality website design can help you to answer questions easily online. You can post a lot of information about your products and services online which can save your customers and your business time. Posting blogs and other educational information will also help customers learn how to use your products or services in intuitive ways. Your website can also include contact information, customer service FAQs and even a chat help feature that can help to keep all of your customers in the loop about new offerings that your company has. With all of these extra elements you can streamline the process of customer service, learn more about your customers and become much more transparent as a company. None of this information is accessible if you don't take the time to lay it out well or have a professional designer produce a user interface that makes this information simple to find. With a poor website design you won't be able to gain any of these customer service advantages.

For the following reasons and more it's very important to focus on a quality website design no matter what stage your company or brand may be in.

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Written by John De La Cruz · Categorized: Website Design